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ILLEGAL intern Radio #111 – Aug. 16, 2017

ILLEGAL intern Radio #111 – Aug. 16, 2017

Ramona – Pasajeros – La Segunad Luz Del Diz
**BLAHA – Fresh House – Fresh Hours EP
Parquet Courts – Stoned and Starving
**Downtown Boys – Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas – Cost of Living
**Fussible/Bostich – Motel Baja (Mateo Lafonataine mix)
Stanford Prison Experiment – Repeat Removal – The Gato Hunch
**Penguin Feet & The Teardrop Kid – You Got The Makings Of A Real Freak – Hadley Murrel Presents: Funk You
**Kaleema – Nomada – Nomada
Rodrigo Gallardo & Nicola Cruz – Agua de La Tierra – El Origen
Prietto Viaja al Cosmos con Mariano – El Monstruo el Viento del Alba – Le Priét Vaha-Chosmos 3-Ba Com Maourian!!!
Hockey Dad – Laura – Boronia
**Thee Commons – Camisa al Revés – Paleta Sonora
Young Tender – Playera Negra – Necios
Divino Niño – Don’t Let It Die – single
**pánico – Señales – Señales
**El Búho – Salta de Agua – Chinampa EP
La Santa Cecilia – Ingrata (feat. Mon Laferte) – Amar Y Vivir
Chico Mann & Captain Planet – Como Me Miras – Night Visions
Quitapenas – Ya Veran – Ya Veran EP
Leviataion Room – Crystal Ball – Ethos
Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra – Push – PAO!




ILLEGAL intern Radio #104 – June 28, 2017

ILLEGAL intern Radio #104
**indicates new release

**Havana Maestros – Ritmo Cubano – Americubano

Capullo – Éramos tan jovenes – Testigos del Fin del Mundo

El Super Show de Los Vasquez – Jugo de Piña

Sol Pereyra – La Impositiva – Prendete

**Café Tacvba – Me Gusta Tu Manera – Jei Beibe

**Quitapenas – Ya Veran – single

Ondatropica – Lazalypso – Baila Bucanero

Sister Mantos – Last Night – Sister Mantos

Andres Landero – La Pava Congrona (degruve remix) – single

Adan Jodorowsky – You are the one (feat. Devendra Banhart) – single

Rudy de Anda – The Fast Route, The Fast Decline – Ostranenie

Chola Orange – Dirty Low 2 – Chola Orange

The Commons – Foolish King – Loteria Tribal

El Teatro Campesino – 50th Anniversary of the Delano Grapes Strike – YouTube

Los Blenders – Surf de Amor – Meta y Dinero

Vaya Futuro – Manos – Perro Verde y Triste

**Centavrvs – Quebrar Las Ventanas – single

**Thee Commons – Workout – single

Duncan Dhu – El Algun Lugar – El Grito Del Tiempo

Chicano Batman – Black Lipstick – Freedom Is Free

The Venisons – Heart – The Venison EP

Twin Seas – Surf Wave – single

Hawaiin Gremlins – Give It Up – Girls

Ghetto Brothers – Girl From The Mountain –Ghetto Brothers

**Washed Out – Hard To Say Goodbye – Hard To Say Goodbye

Babe Ruth – The Mexican (Milennium Remix) – Soundcloud

Chencha Berrinches – Matsuri Anne – Hecho en Mexico EP

Video of The Week: Babe Ruth – The Mexican –

ILLEGAL intern Radio #96 – May 03, 2017

ILLEGAL intern Radio #96 – May 03, 2017

Los Tigres Del Norte – Somos Mas Americanos – Zach De La Rocha – MTV Unplugged: Los Tigres Del Norte

Cihuatl-Ce – XX Chrome – Soundcloud

Quitapenas – Me Llevaba – Quitapenas

Ozomatli – Cut Chemist Suite – Ozomatli

Jósean Log – Beso – hablate de mi

David Gomez & Frank Aragon – Damn Some Money Muhammad Ali Julius Lester 1968 – New Song For Peace

**Zotz – Vacio – single

**Identik Fact – Victim of the night – single

**Mula – Chino – No hay más fruta que la nuestra 2 (Piratón Records)

**Silver Rose – Sueños de amor – single

El Muchacho de los ojos tristes – Para No Amarse Cualquier Pretexto Es Bueno – single

Los Romanticos de Zachatecas – En donde estas – Corazonada

Olvido – Jenny – Demo

**The Drums – Blood Under My Belt – Abysmal Thoughts

**Here Lies Man – You Ain’t Going’ Nowhere – Here Lies Man

Biznaga – Mediocridad y Confort – Sentido Del Espectáculo

**Twin Seas – Alpha Pup – single

Bootleg Orchestra – So Called Love – single

Video of the Week:

ILLEGAL intern Radio #66 Oct. 5, 2016

Last week La Cita celebrated 10 years in DTLA with a line up that included Yanga, Quitapenas & La Chamba. If you were out there you know a good time was had by all not to mention all the sweaty bodies moving to the tropical cubia and afro rhythm beats. I also had a chance to enjoy the music I would hear my parents play when my tios and tias would come over and get their drink on. Sure they played Frank Sinatra, Big Bands, and other cocktail sounds of the 60s & 70s, they’d also play Trios, Rancheras & Boleros. The later being what was featured at Plaza de Cultura y Artes with musical guests La Victoria and La Marisol y Los Hermanos Carlos. La Marisol and some of the members playing today are also part of the Grammy nominated La Santa Cecilia.

ILLEGAL intern Radio #66 Oct. 5, 2016

Los Olvidados – Silvestre – el cine

**Ceci Bastide – Un Sueño (feat. Aloe Blacc) – FIFA 17 Soundtrack

**Kinky – Desaparacer – single

**Kuto Quilla –  Jallalla EZLN – Taki Onccoy Inna Di Dub

**Devendra Banhart – Middle Names – Ape In Pink Marble

**Twin Seas – Surf Wave – single

**The Staches – Total Commitment – single

**The Pocket Rockets – Situation – single

Marujah – Ke Pasa – Guerrero

**La Tuya – La Tuya – single

**La Tuya – Salvation (radio edit) – single

Brainstory – Wonderful Why – A Natural Phantasm

The Cumbieros – Cumbia Americano – Cumbia Americano

**ILE – House of Love (Nicola Cruz Remix) – single

La Santa Ceclia – Calaverita – Buenaventura

La Santa Cecilia – La Negra – Noches y Citas

La Santa Cecilia – Strawberry Fields Forever – Somedoay New

Vice Versa – Head – ViseVersa

Making Movies – Deriva – A La Deriva

Los Tigres Del Norte – Somos Mas Americanos (feat. Zach de La Rocha) – youtube

Pastilla – Año Astral – Pastilla

Chamanas – Purple Yellow Red Blue – Once Once

**Belgrado – Delaj – Obraz EP

Chicano Batman – Black Lipstick – single

Thievery Corporation – Só com você (feat. Bebel Gilberto) – single

Playlist #18 ILLEGAL intern Radio – Oct 21st, 2015

Jumbo – Aqui – Restaurant
Downtown Boys – Monstro – Full Communism
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions – On The Low – Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions
Kali Uchis – Lottery – Por Vida
Lila Downs – Cumbia de Mole –
La Santa Cecilia – La Morena – Someday New
**La Santa Cecilia – Calaverita – single
De’Anza – De Aqui, De Alla -Despertar
**Tops – Anything – Anything
**Helen – Covered In Shade – The Original Faces
Local Natives – You & I (Live) – Spotify Sessions
Chancha Via Circuito – Jardine – Amansara Remixed
Psychotic Aztecs – Levantame – Santa Sangre
Quetzal – Chicana Skies – Barrios Artistas vol. 1
Antonio Carlos Jobim – Insensatez – Lost Highway soundtrack
Magnapop – Slowly, Slowly – Mad Love soundtrack
Ozomatli – Cumbia De Los Muertos – Never Been Kissed Soundtrack
The Venus Furs – Baby’s On Fire – Velvet Goldmine Soundtrack
Chuck Berry – Johnny B Goode – Back To The Future Soundtrack
Buyepongo – Maestros – Maestros
Lila Downs – Balas y Chocolate – Balas y Chocolate
Tabu Ley Rochereau – Hafi Deo – single
Lysa Flores – Beg, Borrow & Steal – Tree of Hope
Quitapenas – Me Llevaba – Quitapenas
The Juan Maclean – Running Back To You – In A Dream

6th st bridge

lila downs06.25.15_PortlandSampleSale



ILLEGAL intern Radio Show #6 – July 22, 2015


Last week after our KUCI staff meeting, I asked if any of the other DJ’s would be interested in venturing out of Irvine to DTLA to catch some cumbia and other tropical acts. Miguel Ochoa  (Radio El Nopal) & Jesse Cardona (Beat of My Drum) wanted join me but the stars didn’t line up this evening.

Buyepongo is hosting a  sort of residency at La Cita in DTLA on Thursday’s in July and this night featured guests Yanga & Quitapenas (from the Inland Empire) who I have been wanting to see for a minute. I was lucky enough to have a few of the band members give a drop for the show, including Gloria Estrada (no relation) who is in Viento Callejero.

**El Guincho – Mis Hits – Mis Hits
Irene Diaz – Crazy Love (degruvme remix – I Love You Madly
Buyepongo Promo
Buyepongo – Maestros – Maestros (single)
Quitapenas Promo
Quitapenas – Me Llevaba – Quitapenas
Celso Piña – El Tren (feat. Cumbia Man) – Mundo Colombia
Maldita Vecindad – Solin – un gran circo – En Vivo Gira Pata de Perro
Olvarian Psycos interview pt. 1
Entre Mujeres – Chispas – Women Making Music Across Borders
Viento Callejero Promo
Viento Callejero – Tolu – Viento Callejero
Cihuatl-Ce – XX Chrome – Cihuatl-Ce
El Haru Kuroi Promo
El Haru Kuroi – Novo Amor – El Haru Kuroi
Stanford Prison Experiment – You’re The Vulgarian – the gato hunch
**Ratatat – Cream On Chrome – Magnifique
**Pastilla – Pari Pari – Pari (single)
**Mike C the Maitre D – Elizabeat – Today’s Future Sound Compilation
Happy Mondays – Bob’s Yer Uncle (radio edit) – Step On
Swim Deep – Honey – Where The Heaven Are We
Visage – Fade To Grey – Orchestral
La Santa Cecilia – Tainted Love (Soft Cell cover) – El Valor (EP)
**Maribou State – Home – Portraits
**Prayers (feat. Travis Barker) – Love Is The Enemy – Young Gods
**The Brightest Diamond – Ceci Est Ma Mair – I Had Grown Wild (EP)
Downtown Boys – Monstro – Full Communism
Systema Solar – Mi Kolombia – Systema Solar
Systema Solar
Systema Solar