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ILLEGAL intern Radio #106 – July 12, 2017

So I didn’t make it out to LAMC again(sad face emoji here), no biggie I continue to find new music ‘cuz that’s what I like to do with a little help from my friends. New music by a few artists you may have heard of and several you most likely haven’t from Porter (MX), Kinky(MX/LA), Jorge Drexler (Uruguay), Kikagaku Moyo (Japan), , Guts (Spain), Cosmic Analog Ensemble (France), Ayer Amarillo (MX), Cafe Tacvba(MX), Ciclo (Nicaragua) . Be sure to also give a listen to some of our great local acts with new music and shows; Sin Color, Twin Seas, Crashing Star, L.A. Witch, Wesley Park, Daizy, Messiahs From Outer Space, and The Tissues.

a bit of pre-gaming while searching new music

ILLEGAL intern Radio #106 – July 12, 2017
**new release

Maldita Vecindad – Don Palabras – Baile de Máscaras

Sangre – Brasil – single

Dengue Dengue Dengue – Guarida (feat. Sara Van) single

**Porter – Cuxillo – single

**Kinky – Que Calor – Nada Vale Más Que Tú

Crashing Star – Where Did She Go – Crashing Star

**Jorge Drexler – Telefonía – Telefonía

Los Cafres – Perdón – Alas Canciones

The Paranoias – Go Away – L.A. Collective Mixes 2012 – 2014

**Guts – Drummers Delight – Stop The Violence

**Cosmic Analog Ensemble – Pourparlers – Les Sourdes Orelles

Suffer Along – Desideria – single

**The Tissues – Red Light – Veil

L.A. Witch – Kill My Baby Tonight – single

Mint Field – Ciudad Satélite – single

**Wesley Park – Washington Square Park – sleep tight EP

**Daizy – California’s In A Drought And So Am I – Jungle Gloom

**Twin Seas – Alpha Pup – single

Allah-Las – Ferus Gallery – Worship The Sun

**Ayer Amarillo – Cuevas – single

**Sin Color – Frutas – single

LP3 & The Tragedy – Southland Hum – Southland Hum

**Messiah From Outer Space – Un Sueño – single

**Kikagaku Moyo – In A Coil – Stone Garden

**Ciclo – De Espíritu Errante – Cosas Vanas

**Café Tacvba – 1-2-3 – Jei Beibi


L.A. Witch – Kill My Baby Tonight (Album to be released in September)


ILLEGAL intern Radio #82 – Jan. 25, 2017

This weeks show was a big push to remind listeners of one of Los Angeles’ best FREE events in DTLA, Night On Broadway. Organized by Councilmember Jose Huizar of the 14th District and the Taking Back Broadway Organization. So what better way than to present a couple of the bands playing the event, Eduardo Arenas (bassist of Chicano Batman) who has his solo release Nariz, along with Bryan Ponce  (The Altons). Council Member Jose Huizar also called in and shared more information about the event and the revitalization of the Broadway Corridor.

ILLEGAL intern Radio
KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine – Streaming on www.kuci.org
Wednesday from 6AM-8AM PST

Night On Broadway
Night On Broadway


ILLEGAL intern Radio #82 – Jan. 25, 2017

**Ondatropica – Lazalypso – single

**Capo – Tiemblo – Navegantes

**beGun – Mobasi (Nicola Cruz remix) – AMMA RMXD

**Biznaga – Mediocridad y Confort

**The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Throbbing Gristle – Groove Is In The Heart

Muertos – Black Box – EP1

L.A. Witch – Drive Your Car – single

Skankin’ Pickle – Violent Love (Oingo Boingo cover) – The Green Album

**Ela Minus – Juan Sant- single

**Camila Moreno – Maquinas Sin Dios (Remix) – Maquinas Sin Dios Remixes

The Altons – Oh Love – The Altons EP

The Altons – Going Nowhere – The Altons EP

**Buscabulla – Fri (feat. Helado Negro)

El Guincho – Palmitos Park – Alegranza

Helado Negro – Runaround – Private Energy

Cuco – Amor de Siempre – Wannabewithu

The Chamanas – Ramas – Once Once (Deluxe)

Lupita Infante – Cien Anos – Lupita Infante

Las Cafeteras – Luna Lovers – It’s Time

**E. Arenas – Passaro Atado – Nariz

**Chicano Batman – Freedom Is Free – single

Thee Commons – Avispa Del Amor – Collecion De Oro

ILLEGAL intern Radio #59 Aug. 17, 2016

ILLEGAL intern Radio #59 – Aug. 17 2016

Always driving to L.A. for a bit of cultura, it was a surprise to me when I read in the OC section of the LA Times about Relampago del Cielo‘s 40 Year Anniversary Celebration happening this coming weekend on the UCI campus at the Irvine Barclay Theatre. A quick search online and thankfully I was able to pre-record an interview in which Marlene  Peña-Marin shared much of the history of the group and information about the event. You can listen to the interview below and see the flyer here.https://podomatic.com/embed/html5/episode/8162935?autoplay=true

The last few weekends of summer events seem to be extra packed with something great for everybody. One of those events is Echo Park Rising. Jorge of Qvole Collective called in to give us the 4-1-1 on their event within EPR which will be held at the Lost Knight on Sunday, August 21st.


ARTIST – SONG – ALBUM / SOURCE (** indicates new song)

**Willie Bobo – Broasted Or Fried – Dig My Feeling

Nancy Sanchez – Espinoza Paz – Eh Ah

L.A. Witch – Kill My Baby Tonight – single

Frikstalers – Crop Circles – Crop Circles EP

**Eljuri – El Viento – single

**Gemma – Mirame – Gemma EP

Las Cafeteras – El Zapateado – It’s Time

Los Esquzitos – Aymon Faya – Tú quieres ser como yo

Las 15 Letras – Supertortas – Puro Eskañol Latin Ska Underground

Chicano Batman – Cycles Of Existential Rhyme – Cycle Of Existential Rhyme

**Her Lies Man – That Much Closer To Nothing – single

Chola Orange – Gorilla Lips – Chola Orange

Bodegas – Days When I Need To – 9 to 5

Brainstory – A Wonderful Why – Brainstory Presents: A Natural Phantasm

Boogaloo Assasins – Evil Ways (Instrumental) – Old Love Dies Hard

**Twin Seas – Surf Wave (Live at the Up&Up) – The Up&Up Live Sessions

**Sin Color – Pregunto – single

Boogaloo Assasins – No No No (Radio Edit) – Old Love Dies Hard

**Dengue Fever – Deepest Lake On The Planet – Swallow The Sun (Import)

Cuicani – New Day – Now & Then

Video of the Week…



ILLEGAL intern Playlist #50 – June 22, 2016

**TJ Grass – Swing del Shamuko – single (from Tijuana)
Blur – Ghost Ship (tacrec Remix) – SoundCloud
Mon Rivera – Ya Llego (Captain Planet Remix) – Calentura: Global Bassment
**Love Star – Sola – Espectro
Ad ver sary – Bigmouth Strikes Again 8-bit (The Smiths)
**Cuicani – New Day – Now & Then
The Wookies – Patrick Millah – Darkoteca
Bio Ritmo – Señor Locutor – Introducing Bio Ritmo
**Los Rakas x Stylo – Me Enamoro (One Dance Remix) – single
**Cholazo Sound System – Cumbia Chango – Pawa (from Chile)
Entre Mujeres – Chocolate (feat. Maya Jupiter) – Women Making Music Across Borders
Irene Diaz – Crazy Love (degruvme remix) – I Love You Madly
Marisa Ronstadt – I Cant Breathe – single
**Downtown Boys – Haz Algo – S/T
Dum Dum Girls – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths cover) – She Gets Me High
Buyepongo – Maestros (Captain Planet Remix) – Todo Mundo
Rudy de Anda – Mil Pedazos (feat. Bardo Martinez) – Ostranenie
**Rudy de Anda – House of Construction – Delay, Cadaver of A Day
L.A. Witch – Kill Your Baby Tonight – single
Helado Negro – Are I Here – Double Youth
**Quantic, Flowering Inferno – Ikey’s Vibe – 1000 Watts (Quantic Presenta Flowering Inferno)
El Haru Kuroi – Novo Amor – Canta Gallo
Nancy Sanchez – Alas – Nancy Sanchez

ILLEGAL intern Radio Playlist #36 – March 2, 2016

DJ Rafha Mendonzza – Digital Cumbia – SoundCloud (Brazil)


**Buyepongo – A Gozar – Todo Mundo


Stan Getz, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Joào & Astrud Gilberto – Corcovado (Tokimonsta Remix) – Tokimonsta Fovere


Jackie Mendez – I Thought You Should Know – introducing Jackie Mendez


**El Guincho – Mis Hits – Hiperasia (Spotify Link)
Tremor – Caracol – Viajante (Spotify Link)
Mari Posa – Royaume a Stockholm (Mike Simonetti Remix) – single (Spotify link)
**Nancy Sanchez – Espinoza Paz – single (Spotify Link)
No Age – Teen Creeps – Nouns (Spotify Link)
**The Pocket Rockets – The End – single


L.A. Witch interview
**L.A. Witch – Drive Your Car – single
**L.A. Witch – Ain’t Coming Home – Drive Your Car B-side
Thievery Corporation & Bebel Gilberto – Só com Você – single


Le Butcherettes – Bang! – Sin Sin Sin (Spotify Link)
Has A Shadow – Sky Is Hell Black – Sky Is Hell Black (Spotify Link)
Gaby Moreno – Y Tu Sombra – Illustrated Songs (Spotify Link)
Zoé – Andrómeda (Poolside Remix) – Prográmaton Revisitado (Spotify Link)
Shlohmo – Emerge From Smoke – Dark Red (Spotify Link)
Los Abuelos De La Nada – Mil Horas – Seria Oro (Spotify Link)
Jesse Bulbo – Maldito – Saga Mama (Spotify Link)
**El Haru Kuroi – Invenciones – 192192192

Subbed today for Beat of My Drum – Sept. 5th, 2015

Labor Day Weekend Subbing…6PM-8PM

**Beach House – Levitation – Depression Cherry**

The Arcs – Put A Flower In Your Pocket – Yours, Dreamily

**Kurt Vile – pretty pimpin – pretty pimpin

**Mac Demarco – Another One – Another One

Bayu – pa’ gozal – Super MoFongo beat

Thee Commons – Y Tu – Rock Is Dead: Long Live Paper & Scissors

**Chicano Batman – Black Lipstick – single

Bomba Estereo – Somos Dos – Amenecer

Thievery Corporation – Tower Seven – Culture of Fear

**Destroyer – Forces From Above – Poison Season (video for “Girl in A Sling from the same Album)

**Royal Headache – Another World – High

**Fidlar – west coast – Too

**La Luz – Sleep Til You Die – Weirdo Shrine

Mexico 68 – Rukus – SoundCloud

Panda Bear – Mr. Noah (Container remix) – Panda Bear Meets Grim Reaper

Parquet Courts – Stoned and Starving – Light Up Gold

Gang of Four – Of The Instant – Songs of The Free

**Matilde Davoli – Summer Ending – I’m Calling You From My Dreams

The Binary Cumbia Orchestra – La Imcomformable – Golazo

**Brick + Mortar – Train – Dropped

**Vinyl Williams – Gold Lodge – Into

**ViceVersa – Head – Da EP Vpl 2

**L.A. Witch – Get Lost – Get Lost (EP)

**Lovely Bad Things – Always Lazy – split single

(949)uci-kuci (949)824-5824 or http://www.uci.org

ILLEGAL intern Radio Show #3 – July 1st 2015

Links to songs, videos, or bios…. click away


** indicates it’s a new release

IITeatro Degil Orrori – E Colpa Mia – A Sangue Freddo (Video)
Technicolor Fabrics – Otoño – Ideas (Song)
Mahmed – Outros valores alem do frenesi – Sobre A Vida Em Comunidade (Soundcloud)
Aphex Twin – 4 – Richard D. James (music bed) (Video)
Mongosaurio – Me Gustan Los Hipsters – Mongosaurio (Soundcloud)
La Portuaria – Supermambo – huija (Video)
Systema Solar – Mi Kolobia – Systema Solar (Video)
Los Straitjackets – Crime Scene – Jet Set (Oaxaca, Mexico) (from Conan O’Brien Show)
Takeshi Terauchi – Kuradashi (Fukuoka) – Let’s Go Eleki Bushi (Japan)(itunes)
**Messer Chups – Ghost Party – The Incedible Crocotiger (Russia) (iTunes)
Johnny Thunders – Pipeline (Live At The Marque) – So Alone (Video @The Roxy)
Aztlan Underground – Obsolete Man – Sub-Verses (unofficial Video)
**Prayers (feat. Travis Barker) – Love Is The Enemy – Young Gods (Song)
Chicano Batman – Cycles of Existential Rhyme – Cycles of Existential Rhyme (Video)
Ozomatli – O Le Le – Give It To The F*ckin’ DJ (vinyl) (unofficial Video)
Yeska – Greyhound To Chiapas – Puro Eskanol vol. 1 (discography)
**Hello Seahorse – Animal – single (Video)
Saen – Dark Sky – Soundcloud (Soundcloud)
Thievery Corporation – Tower Seven – Culture of Fear (Soundcloud)
**Quantic presents The Western Transplant – Creation (East L.A.) – A New Constellation (Bandcamp)
Le Butcherettes – Demon Stuck In Your Eye – Cry Is For The Flies (Video)
Girlpool – Before The World Was Big – Ideal World (Official Audio)
**L.A. Witch – Kill My Baby Tonight – single (Soundcloud)
**Bomba Estereo – Somos Dos – Amanecer (Official Audio)
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Simolo – La Alianza Profana (Video)
Joe Arroyo – Rebellion (degruveme remix) –  Soundcloud
Degruveme – Patuleco –  Soundcloud
Jesse Ware f/ Wild Beasts – Night Light (Wild Beasts remix) – Soundcloud
The Wayo – Skat – Wanderings EP (thewayo.com)

Next Week Special Guest: DJ KING STEADY BEAT