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ILLEGAL intern Radio #98

ILLEGAL intern Radio #98

May 17, 2017

Volt Phonic – Casa Playa – Volt Phonic EP
**Jackie Mendez – Forever True – single
Jungle Fire – Etori – Jambu
Grenda – Blind Folded – Untouchable Skin
**Centarvrvs – Quebrar Las Ventanas – single
Quantic – Tru Thoughts – Quantic Presents The Western Transplant
**Twin Seas – Alpha Pup – single
**Twin Seas – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (cover Tears For Fears) – single
**The Pocket Rockets – Situation (radio edit) – single
**AJ Davila – Beautiful – El Futuro
**60 Tigres – Canicula – single
La Plata – Un Atasco – single
**Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever – French Press – French Press
The Altons – Going Nowhere – The Altons
**Rubio y Carlos Cabezas– Luz – R
**Mariana Paraway – Verne y el Faro – single
**Juana Molina – Son Dones – Halo
**DeAnza – Estas Recibiendo – single
**Bahama Soul Club – Dizzy Bounce – The Havana Remixes
Cambalache – El Canelo – single
Sofi Tucker – Drinkee – Soft Animals
**The Delirians – You Don’t Love Me Like I Do – Mexca de Musica y Amor
Rufus T. Firefly – Rio Wolf – Magnolia
Javier Arce – Clavel (feat. Weird Inside) single
Manu Chao – Words Of Truth 2 – single
Video of the Week:
Cambalache – El Canelo (feat. Quetzal Flores)

ILLEGAL intern Radio #94 – April 19, 2017

interview with Marcos Garcia of Here Lies Man / Antibalas / Chico Mann

This week featured a couple interviews with Marco Garcia of Antibalas, Chico Mann and his latest project Here Lies Man. They came by and played a few tracks. We were also lucky enough to have Downtown Boys call in while between dates performing at Coachella and several other local shows. Once posted the interviews can be found here.

**Cilantro Boombox – Stop Pretending – Shine

**King Coya – Tierra de King Coya

**Pancho Piedra & Nicola Cruz – Campo Triste – Soundcloud

**Quitapenas – Ya Veran – 2 song CD

Greg Adams – Smooth Operator – BarJazz Connection

Monareta – Cumbia de la Sierra – Fried Speakers

**Grupo Ju-Juy – Karaway – ¡Un Salud! Mexican Soundsystem Cumbia in L.A.

**La Santa Cecilia – Amar Y Vivir (En Vivo) – single

Miss Garrison – Al Sol de Noche – Al Sol de Noche

Panoptica Orchestra – Mumbia Express (Tijuana Dubmix) – Soundcloud

Sonar – Pętle – Pętle

Chola Orange – Bambi Eyes – Chola Orange

Willie Bobo – Broasted Or Fried – Dig My Feeling

**The Delirians – You Don’t Love Me Like I Do – Mexcla De Musica y Amor

**Here Lies Man – That Much Closer (KUCI Exclusive Performance)

**Here Lies Man – You Ain’t Going Nowhere – Here Lies Man

**Kikagaku Moyo – In A Coil – Stone Garden

Sugar Candy Mountain – Windows – 666

**Downtown Boys – Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas) – single

Downtown Boys – Wave Of History – Full Communism

**Ozomatli – La Bamba (feat. Slightly Stoopid) – single

Cayetana – Age of Consent (New Order cover) – Tired Eyes

**Balún – Teletransporte – single

**Samba De La Muerte – OK! – single

**Ti.po.ta – Moonlight Avenue – manuchao.net

Video of The Week:
Manu Chao duet side project Ti.Po.Ta “Moonlight Avenue”

ILLEGAL intern Radio #92 – 04/05/2017

Tons of new music to start the Spring 2017 Quarter. Interview with Marcelo Tijerina of Mexican Dubwiser on their new release Border Frequencies.


Artist – Song – Album or source
**Ohxala – Sambacumbia – SoundCloud
**Little Jesus – Mala Onda – Rio Salvaje
**Mexican Dubwiser – La Gran Cuidad – Border Frequency
**Mexican Dubwiser – Lecture Me (feat. Tito Fuentes & Self Provoked) – Border Frequency
**Mexician Dubwiser – Don Quijote Marijuan (feat. Brujeria & Kinky) – Vive Latino 2017
**Los Macuanos – Soldado Sin Cara – Epilogo
**Quitapenas – La Bestia – 2 song EP
**ViceVersa – Next One
**Quetzal – Critical Time – the eternal getdown (link)
**The Delirians – You Don’t Love Me Like I Do – Mexcla De Musica y Amor
**Dana Gonzales – Peter Gunn – Time To Chill Vol. 1
**Ondatropica – Soy Campesino – Baile Bucanero
**Making Movies – Brave Enough ft. Hurray for the Riff Raff – Soundcloud
**Drinking Flowers – Working After Dark
**Chastity Belt – Caught in a Lie – I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone
Eri Ohno – Sky Fire – Good Question
**The Buttertones – A Tear For Rosie – Gravedigging
Marcos Valle – Wanda Vidal – Sa,ba de Verao
**The Jesus & Mary Chain – All Things Pass – Damage and Joy
Varsity – So Sad, So Sad – Cult of Personality
**Los Kellies – I’m On Fire -I’m On Fire
Black Marble – Frisk – It’s Immaterial
Rufus T. Firefly – Rio Wolf – Magnolia
**Quixosis – El Futurikingue (feat. Renata Nieto) – SoundCloud
Video of The Week”

ILLEGAL intern Radio #83 – Feb. 01, 2017

ILLEGAL intern Radio #83 – Feb. 1, 2017

While over at Night On Broadway I interviewed DJ Hoseh of Dublab (Version Sounds) / KXLU. Here are a few photos from the evening.

Night On Broadway
Night On Broadway

ILLEGAL intern Radio
KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine – Streaming on www.kuci.org
Wednesday from 6AM-8AM PST

**Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Faceless and Tired – A Lovejoy

**Centavrvs – El Punto Final – single (featured video of the week below)  making of the song by

Magpie Jay – Lourdes (Conquista Sessions Live feat. Maria Magdalena) – Lourdes

**Buttertones – Sadie’s A Sadist – single

Mac Demarco – Salad Days – Salad Days

**Froth – Passing Thing – single

Current Joys – Symphonia IX – Wild Heart

Jerry Paper – Halfway Zen – Carousel

Los Destellos – Que Chola Tan Rica – Solo Ellos…Los Destellos

The Drums – Days – Portamento

**DeAnza – La Puerta – single

**Messiahs From Outer Space – Reunion At The Pond –  single

La Victoria – Mi Hermano – Monster Protest Jams Vol. 1

IFE – 3 Mujeres (Iboru Iboya) – single

Lalo Guerrero – Los Chucos Suaves – Los Chucos Suaves / Tequila

Primal Scream – Don’t Fight It, Feel It – Screamadelica

Abel Lima – Corre Riba Corre Baxo – Space Echo

**NOIA – Itaca Tropical – Habits EP

BUDAYA – Calma – Calma

Jósean Log – La Luna – Háblate de Mí

Videos of The Week:
Centavrvs – El Punto Final

Buttertones – Sadie’s A Sadist

ILLEGAL intern Radio #82 – Jan. 25, 2017

This weeks show was a big push to remind listeners of one of Los Angeles’ best FREE events in DTLA, Night On Broadway. Organized by Councilmember Jose Huizar of the 14th District and the Taking Back Broadway Organization. So what better way than to present a couple of the bands playing the event, Eduardo Arenas (bassist of Chicano Batman) who has his solo release Nariz, along with Bryan Ponce  (The Altons). Council Member Jose Huizar also called in and shared more information about the event and the revitalization of the Broadway Corridor.

ILLEGAL intern Radio
KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine – Streaming on www.kuci.org
Wednesday from 6AM-8AM PST

Night On Broadway
Night On Broadway


ILLEGAL intern Radio #82 – Jan. 25, 2017

**Ondatropica – Lazalypso – single

**Capo – Tiemblo – Navegantes

**beGun – Mobasi (Nicola Cruz remix) – AMMA RMXD

**Biznaga – Mediocridad y Confort

**The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Throbbing Gristle – Groove Is In The Heart

Muertos – Black Box – EP1

L.A. Witch – Drive Your Car – single

Skankin’ Pickle – Violent Love (Oingo Boingo cover) – The Green Album

**Ela Minus – Juan Sant- single

**Camila Moreno – Maquinas Sin Dios (Remix) – Maquinas Sin Dios Remixes

The Altons – Oh Love – The Altons EP

The Altons – Going Nowhere – The Altons EP

**Buscabulla – Fri (feat. Helado Negro)

El Guincho – Palmitos Park – Alegranza

Helado Negro – Runaround – Private Energy

Cuco – Amor de Siempre – Wannabewithu

The Chamanas – Ramas – Once Once (Deluxe)

Lupita Infante – Cien Anos – Lupita Infante

Las Cafeteras – Luna Lovers – It’s Time

**E. Arenas – Passaro Atado – Nariz

**Chicano Batman – Freedom Is Free – single

Thee Commons – Avispa Del Amor – Collecion De Oro

ILLEGAL intern Radio – Show #80

First show of Winter Quarter 2017, January 11, 2017

KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, CA / http://www.kuci.org
Wednesday Mornings 6AM-8AM PST

KUCI 88.9 FM
c/o Richard Estrada
PO Box 4362
Irvine, CA 92616

**new music

Todd Simon & Angel City All Stars – Jazz & Milk –
Les Mentettes – Nigun Lugar – Ningun Lugar
**Los Reyes del Falseta – Paso en Tu Casa – Lo Que Nos Junta
**Cafe Tacvba – Futuro – single
Quantic – Not So Blue – Apricot Morning
Truffles – Sitting Beside Myself – Invisible Band Vol. 1
**Dario Russo – Montenegro – Temptress (Australia)
**Neon Bunny – It’s You – Stay Gold (South Korea)
**Young Tender – Necios – Necios EP (Monterey, MX)
**Fernie Mac Productions – Cut The Silence (Instrumental) – The Golden Era Beat Tape (Wales, UK)
**Buscabella – Tartaro – Tartaro single
**Lori Meyers – Evolucion – Evolucion
**Cale Vento – Isla Desierta – single
**Chicano Batman – Friendship Is A Small Boat In A Storm – Freedom is Free
Yanga – El Lobo – 7″ single
**Omar Rodriguez – Faceless and Tired – A Lovejoy
**Les Sueques – Tu Parles Molt – Tu Parles Molt
**Jimena Roig – Tu Sed – Regando Tiempo (Argentina)
Lawall – Senorita – Playa de los 90 Vol. 1
Las Cafeteras – Mujer Soy – It’s Time
**B-Side Players – Brown Like That (feat Piracy & 3D) – single
The Red Pears – Daylight/Moonlight – We Bring Anything To The Table…
**Tierra de Nadie – Funkulo (feat. Andrea Prodan) – Volumen 1
LP3 & The Tragedy – Southland Hum – LP3 & The Tragedy
Pinata Protest – Vato Perron – El Valiente
The Schizophonics – Venus Transit – single
The Pocket Rockets – The End (single)
Quinto Sol – Tocani – Barrio Roots
Special Thanks to the artists that submitted their music I will soon be sharing on air if I haven’t already done so…

ILLEGAL intern Radio #77

KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine / www.kuci.org
Wednesdays @6AM-8AM PST

Show #77 – Dec. 21, 2016

Special thanks to Oliver Moreno who came in and played a couple songs on his keyboard. He brought his father Daniel Moreno along who runs the blog http://brew-it-yourself.blogspot.com    discussing all things about home brewing beer and other fermentables.  Nancy Sanchez also called in to introduce a couple of her latest Holiday Songs available on Soundcloud.

Richard Estrada, Oliver and Daniel Moreno
Nancy Sanchez

BadBadNotGood – Speaking Gently – IV

Manu Chao – 13 Dias – Ahora Que?

Superlito – Perdoname – Tripping Tropicana

Kinky – Soun Tha Mi Primer Amor – Kinky

Captain Cumbia – Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo – Soundcloud

**Kinky – Macho – single

**Jungle Fire – Cumbia de Sal – Jambu

Timothy Brownie – Buffalo Beat – Buffalo Beat EP

**Devendra Banhart – Fig In Leather – Ape In Pink Marble

**Rio Mira – Adios Morena (Nicola Cruz Remix) Adios Morena Remix

**Chencha Berrinches – Matsuri Anne – Hecho En Mexico EP

**Jagwar Ma – Loose Ends – Every Now & Then

**Chicano Batman – Friendship (In A Small Boat In A Storm) – single

**Hope Sandoval & Warm Inventions – Let Me Get There – Until The Hunter

Oliver Moreno – Live performance of Peanuts Christmas (Vince Guaraldi)

Oliver Moreno – Live performance of Für Elise (Mozart)

Boogarins – Doce – As Plantas Que Curam

Cocteau Twins – Winter Wonderland – Snow

El Vez – Mamacita Donde Esta Santa Claus – Merry MeX-mas

The Payolas – Christmas Is Coming – The Edge of Christmas

Gaby Moreno – Mi Burrito – Posada

**Nancy Sanchez – Christmas Time Is Here (Vince Guaraldi) – Soundcloud

**Nancy Sanchez – La Guadalupana – Soundcloud

**Vaya Futuro – El Hombre Sin Cabeza y la Danza de los Resignados – single

**Helado Negro – It’s My Brown Skin – Private Energy

Girlpool – Before The World Was Big – Before The World Was Big

Boogaloo Assassins – Evil Ways (Instrumental) – Old Love Dies Hard

Dum Dum Girls – There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths cover) – He Gets Me High