ILLEGAL intern Radio #14 – Sept. 23rd, 2015


Luzmila Carpio – Warmikuna Yupay, Chasqapuni Kasunchik – Luzmila Carpio
**Holly Golightly – Seven Wonders – Fool Fool Fool (Look In The Mirror)
Natalia LaFourcade – Hasta La Raiz – Hasta La Raiz
Alex Anwandtler – Como puedes vivir contigo mismo – Rebeldes
**Astro – Caribbean – Chicos de la Luz
**Protistas – Ojos Favoritos – Ojos Favoritos (single)
Theivery Corporation – Tower Seven – Culture of Fear
El Haru Karoi – Novo Amor – El Haru Kuroi
The Smiths (Bertazi Axe Bahindie Remix) – Esse Nego Charmosa – Soundcloud
Tabu Ley Rochereau – Hafi Deo (Extract) – Shaluza Max / Tabu Ley Rochereau 12″ split
Captain Cumbia – Ya Se Ha Muerto Mi Abuelo – Que Paso Captain
Yuna – Live Your Life (f. Theophilus London) –
Lila Downs – La Promesa (f. Juanes) – Balas y Chocolate
**MKRNI – Corazon De Piedra (Mijo & Theus) – Versiones Coleccion Remixes Vol. 3
Panda Bear – Mr. Noah (Container remix) – SoundCloud
Maribou State – Rituals – Portraits
Porter – Palapa – Moctezuma
Visionaries – If You Can’t Say Love – Pangea
Odesza – Bloom (Live) – In Return
Branko – Let Me Go (f. Nonku Phiri & Mr. Carmack) – SoundCloud
Irene Diaz – Crazy Love (degruvme remix) – I Love You Madly
Bayu – Pa’gozal – A Bandado Planeta
El Gran Silencio – Chuntaro Style – Seria Verde

ILLEGAL intern Playlist Show #13 – Sept. 16, 2015

Branko – Let Me Go (feat. Nanku Phiri & Mr. Carmack
Nortec Collective f. Fussible – Trip To Ensendada – V1.0 + Intercortes
Aterciopelados – Caribe atomico – Caribe atomico
Bongoloidz – Chill Pill – SoundCloud
Olmeca – Run The Joyas – Soundcloud
Sistema Bomb con Los Cojolites y Asdru (Ozomatli) – El Cascabel – Soundcloud
Son Jarocho de Mexico – El Cascabel – Soundcloud
Quetzal – Jarocho Elegua – Sing The Real
Demon Drummer vs Bongoloid – Song #1 – Live KUCI Studio Recording
Lush – For Love – Ciao! 1989-1996
**Chiilds – Mensajes – Realidad
Vaya Futuro – Dinobaby – Ideas A Medias
**Monoplasma – Siento Lo Que Soy – S.O.S.
Quitapenas – Me llevaba – Quitapenas
**Hala – Problems – Young Alumni
**Teen Daze – Morning World – Morning World
**Zoe – Fin De Semana (RAC remix) – Programaton Revisitado
**The Souljazz Orchestra – Bulls Eye – Resistance
Cuicani – New Day – SoundCloud
Abstakto – Mucho Ruido – Abstrakto
**Jamie XX – SeeSaw (feat. Romy) – In Colour
Lila Downs – Sale Sobrando – Border
Helado Negro – Young, Latin and Proud – Young, Latin and Proud

Sat. Sept 12th. 6-8PM

Thanks to Rohan for letting me sub and letting me play whatever I wanted.


Fredo Ortiz & Isaku Kageyama

  Maceo Hernandez
Demon Drummer vs Bongoloidz

  DJ Nomadic


*special thanks to DJ Tom & Nomadic for assisting with the production

Artist – Song – CD or Source

Bongoloidz – Monstro – BongoloidzIsaku Kageyama – Nikate Bushi (Celebration Song) – Hybrid Soul

Technicolor Fabrics – Otono – Ideas

**Hala – Problems – Young Alumni

**Chicano Batman – Black Lipstick – Soundcloud

Wild Pack of Canaries – Agua Amarga – Agua Amarga

**Sego – The Fringe – Long Long Way From The Fringe

Le Butcherettes – Bang – Sin Sin Sin

Los Crudos – Crudo Soy – Los Crudos

Downtown Boys – Wave of History – Full Communism

ViceVersa – Love The Way – Live in Studio

ViceVersa – Feel Yo Body – Live in Studio

ViceVersa – So Fine – Live in Studio

ViceVersa – Head – Live in Studio

**ViceVersa – Core – Da EP Vol. 2

ViceVersa – Funk Your Face (Live Version) – Soundcloud

El Guincho – Bombay – Pop Negro

Bongoloidz – Chill Pill

**A Band of Bitches – Ballando con el Diablo – Bailando con el Diablo

Quitapenas – Me Llevaba – Quitapenas

Boogaloo Assasins – No No No – Old Loves Die Hard

Cibo Mato – Sugar Water – Viva La Woman

Takeshi Terauchi – Kuradabushi (Fukoaka) – Let’s Go Eleki Bushi

**Hyukoh – Comes and Goes – 20

DJ Food – Turtle Soup (Wagon Christ mix) – Refried Food

**Monoplasma – Siento Lo Que Soy – S.O.S.

**El Ten Eleven – Point Breeze – Fast Forward

Maceo Hernandez - Demon Drummer
Maceo Hernandez – Demon Drummer
Isaku Kageyama
Isaku Kageyama
Fredo Ortiz - Bongoloid
Fredo Ortiz – Bongoloid



Saturday, Sept. 12th Double Feature

Beat of My Drum &  White Surf Style 5 Radio Shows join together to bring you two bands playing live on the air on KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine, online at .

I’ll be subbing for White Surf Style 5 who allowed me to bring in a live band. I called DJ Nomadic host of Beat of My Drum and he was all for a live band too.

demondrummerVSbongoloid viceversa01

From 6-8PM on Beat of My DrumDemon Drummer (Maceo Hernandez) vs. Bongoloid (Fredo Ortiz)

Maceo Hernandez (Quetzal, Lysa Flores, East L.A. Taiko) will bring his Taiko drums and join Fredo Ortiz (Yeska, Beastie Boys, Bongoloidz) who is fresh off touring with Gogo Bordello. Classically trained Taiko drummer Maceo Hernandez grew up in East Los Angeles and as a young adult was recruited by the world famous troupe, Ondekoza. He is currently playing in EAST LA Taiko.

Fredo Ortiz played in many Los Angeles bands showing his drumming skills and got the attention of the Beastie Boys and toured with them playing timbales . I actually saw him perform with them at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in San Francisco in 1996. He is currently playing in Bongoloidz and EAST LA Taiko

From 8-10PM on White Surf Style 5ViceVersa

You want to be sure and catch the funky punk of ViceVersa from Whitter, CA in support of their latest release Da EP Vol. 2 Engineered by John Avila of Oingo Boingo fame.

Tune in to KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine and streaming on

ILLEGAL intern Radio Playlist Show #13 – Sept. 9th, 2015

El Haru Kuroi Drop
El Haru Kuroi – Novo Amor – El Haru Kuroi
Qapac – Viajecito – Qapac
Has A Shadow –  Sky Is Black – Sky Is Hell
Buyepongo Drop
Buyepongo – Maestros – Maestros (single)
Aterciopelados – Bolero Falaz – El Dorado
Irene Diaz – Crazy Love (degruveme remix) – I Love Your Madly
Los Tigres Del Norte f. Zach De La Rocha – Somos Mas Americanos – MTV Unplugged Los Tigres Del Norte & Friends
Ozomatli – Como Vez (radio edit) – Ozomatli
Systema Solar – Mi Kolombia – Systema Solar
Viento Callejero Drop
Viento Callejero – Tolu – Viento Callejero
Portable – Surrender – DJ Koze (DJ Kicks)
Mexican Institute of Sound – Yo Digo Baila – Soy Sauce
Technicolor Fabrics – Otono – Ideas
Lysa Flores – Arizona Winds – Barrios Artistas Vol. 1
East L.A. Taiko – ELA Taiko Anthem – Youtube
Bongoloidz – Electric Ride – Bongoloidz
ViceVersa Drop
ViceVersa – Head – Da EP Vol. 2
Gustavo Cerati – Paseo Immortal – Bocanada
Silent Gray – intangible – insomniacs dream (EP)
Mexrrissey – Ask – SoundCloud
Theivery Corporation – Air Batucada – The Mirror Conspiracy
Dengue Fever – Deepest Lake On The Planet – Girl From The North
Jaime Sin Tierra – Marmota – El Avion Ya Se Estrello y Yo Sigo Volando
**Destroyer – Forces From Above – Poison Season
**Zoe – Fin De Semana – (RAC Remix) – Programaton Revisitado
**The Arcs – Put A Flower In Your Pocket – Your’s Dreamily for full show schedule and live audio streaming

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