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ILLEGAL intern Radio #120 – Oct. 18, 2017

ILLEGAL intern Radio #120
Oct. 18, 2017
Machito & His Ochestra with Charlie Parker – Mambo 1 – ¡Mas Mambo Mania
**Mateo Kingman – Respira (Frikstailers Remix) – Respira Remixed
**Bebel Gilberto – Creep – Live at The Belly Up
**Marrón – 10 Años – etc
**Mexican Institute of Sound – Mi T-Shirt de la Nasa – single
Fussible/Bostich – Motel Baja (Mateo Lafontaine remix) – single
Making Movies – Brave Enough – I Am Another You
**The Frightnrs – More To Say – More To Say Versions
Jackie Mendez – Forever True – single
Pongo – Kassussa – single
Cuñao – Mas Alla – Sangre Y Arena
The Delirians – You Don’t Love Me Like I Do – Mexcla de Musica y Amor
**Niantic – Floating Islands – Floating Islands
**Twin Seas – Shoes – Twin Seas
De’Anza – Vuelas – Despertar
**Diego Garcia – Don’t Go – single
Adanowsky – You are the one (feat. Devendra Banhart) – Amador
**Bebel Gilberto – Samba e Amor – Live at The Belly Up
Chola Orange – Bambi Eyes – Chola Orange
B-Side Players – Brown Like Dat (feat. Piracy & 3D) – single
É Arenas – Pasaro Atado – Nariz
Chicano Batman – Cycles of Existential Rhyme – Cycles of Existential Rhyme
**Dat Garcia – Maleducada (El Remolon Remix) – Maleducada Remixes Vol. 1
**Mateo Kingman – Agua santa (beGun Remix) Respira Remixed
**Buyepongo – Sueltan Fuego – Tumbalo EP
Los Rakas X Stylo – Me Enamoro (One Dance Remix) – Raka Love 2
Quinto Sol – Hombre Blanco – Barrio Roots
Ozomatli – Cut Chemist Suite – Ozomatli
Chicha Libre – Sonido Amazonico – ¡Sonido Amazonico!

ILLEGAL intern Radio #85 – Feb. 15, 2017

ILLEGAL intern Radio #85 Feb 15, 2017

This week aired a couple interviews captured while at Opening Weekend of Zoot Suit at the Mark Taper. Interviews with both Eddie James Olmos and Cheech Marin. Also had a call-in to share info. on this Sunday’s upcoming event New Wave Cholas which included a give-aways to listeners.

Eduard James Olmos & Cheech Marin at the Opening of Zoot Suit

ARTIST – SONG – ALBUM/SOURCE (** indicates new release)

Buyepongo – Vamos A Gozar – Todo Mundo

**Here Lies Man – Eyes of The Law – Here Lies Man

**Sonar – Petle – Petle (Poland)

**The Holydrug Couple – Vase of Flowers – Soundtrack for Pantanal

**Kinky – Te Vas – single

**BBS – Monga Nunca – Vol. 1

**SOTEI – Obiata – SOTEI LP (Poland)

**Silverio – Tu Casa – single

Salon Acapulco – Bikini Lover (feat. Dan Solo)

**Manu Chao – Words of Truth – single

Los Nastys – Fumar Beber y Romper – Cannibal Business

Le Butcherettes – Demon Stuck In Your Eye = Cry Is for the Flies

Quitapenas – Me Llevaba – Quitapenas

**Quetzal – Espejos Vs. The Gaza – The Eternal Get Down

**Gaye Su Akyol –  Kendimden kaçmaktan – Hologram Imparatorlugu (Istanbul)

Leche – Leche Funk – single

Natural Resources – If There’s a Tomorrow – Underground Oldies Vol. 1

Barbara Mason – Yes, I’m Ready – Yes I’m Ready

Connie – Funky Little Beat – I Love My Freestyle Hits

Lalo Guerrero – Los Chucos Suaves – Los Chucos Suaves/Tequila split

Los Lobos with Lalo Guerrero – La Bamba – Papa’s Dream

Gogol Bordello – Immigraniada (Bassnectar Remix)

Cesar Sáez – Perdido – Perdido EP

Irene Diaz – Crazy Love (degruvme remix) – Soundcloud

Jósean Log – Beso – Háblate de Mi (

BadBadNotGood – Speaking Gently – IV


ILLEGAL intern Radio #83 – Feb. 01, 2017

ILLEGAL intern Radio #83 – Feb. 1, 2017

While over at Night On Broadway I interviewed DJ Hoseh of Dublab (Version Sounds) / KXLU. Here are a few photos from the evening.

Night On Broadway
Night On Broadway

ILLEGAL intern Radio
KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine – Streaming on
Wednesday from 6AM-8AM PST

**Omar Rodriguez Lopez – Faceless and Tired – A Lovejoy

**Centavrvs – El Punto Final – single (featured video of the week below)  making of the song by

Magpie Jay – Lourdes (Conquista Sessions Live feat. Maria Magdalena) – Lourdes

**Buttertones – Sadie’s A Sadist – single

Mac Demarco – Salad Days – Salad Days

**Froth – Passing Thing – single

Current Joys – Symphonia IX – Wild Heart

Jerry Paper – Halfway Zen – Carousel

Los Destellos – Que Chola Tan Rica – Solo Ellos…Los Destellos

The Drums – Days – Portamento

**DeAnza – La Puerta – single

**Messiahs From Outer Space – Reunion At The Pond –  single

La Victoria – Mi Hermano – Monster Protest Jams Vol. 1

IFE – 3 Mujeres (Iboru Iboya) – single

Lalo Guerrero – Los Chucos Suaves – Los Chucos Suaves / Tequila

Primal Scream – Don’t Fight It, Feel It – Screamadelica

Abel Lima – Corre Riba Corre Baxo – Space Echo

**NOIA – Itaca Tropical – Habits EP

BUDAYA – Calma – Calma

Jósean Log – La Luna – Háblate de Mí

Videos of The Week:
Centavrvs – El Punto Final

Buttertones – Sadie’s A Sadist

ILLEGAL intern Radio #81 – Jan. 18, 2017

ILLEGAL intern Radio
KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine – Streaming on
Wednesday from 6AM-8AM PST

Show #81 – Jan. 18, 2017

Yuna – Live Your Life –
**B-Side Players – Brown Like Dat – single
**Phoenix AfroBeat Orchestra – Opression Scatter – PAO!
**Les Suesques – Tu Parles Molt – single
Thee Commons – Fiesta – Loteria Tribal
Tame Impala – Half Full Glass Of Wine (Live) – Live Versions
Cafe Tacuba – Un Par de Lugares – single
Davila 666 – Obsesionao – Tan Bajo
**The XX – Say Something Loving – I See You
Carla Morrison – Eres Tú – Déjenme Llorar
Foxygen – How Can You Really – …And Star Power
Mexrrissey – Entra Más Me Ignores, Más Cerca Estraré – No Manchester
**Slowdive – Star Roving – single
The Babies – Alligator – Our House On The Hill
The Growlers – The Daisy Chain – City Club
Devendra Banhart – Rats – What Will We Be
**Biznaga – Mediocridad y Confort – Sentido del Espectáculo

FEA – No Quiero – demo

**Capo – Laberinto – Navegantes

**Ela Minus – Juan Sant – single

**Camila Moreno – Máquinas Sin Dios (Remix) – single
Midge Ure – Man Who Sold The World – No Regrets



ILLEGAL intern Radio #76 – 12/14/2016

ILLEGAL intern Radio
Show #76 – Dec. 14, 2016
KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine /
Wednesdays @6AM-8AM PST

Saturday morning hanging around DTLA. I miss quiet DTLA sometimes, a lot actually

ARTIST – SONG – ALBUM/SOURCE (** indicates new release)

Mango Santamaria & His Orchestra – Sweet Tater Pie – Sabroso!

**1995 – Platos Rotos – single

**Mint Field – Viceversa – single

**The Tracks – Go Out Tonight – single

**Muertos – Black Box – EP1

Sena – Natural Women – single (reissue)

Los Cojolitos – Las Poblanas – Zapatañado

**Rio Mira – Adios Morena (Nicola Cruz Remix) – Adios Morena Remixes

**Systema Solar – Somos La Tierra – Rumba a Tierra

**Chencha Berrinches – Mercancia – Hecho En Mexico EP


**Jungle Fire – Jambu – Jambu

Vaya Futuro – Dino Baby – Ideas A Medias

**Thee Commons – La Fiesta – single

Chola Orange – Dirty Low 2 – Chola Orange

**Chicano Batman – Freedom Is Free – single

Elephant Stone – Ship of Fools –

Ela Minus – Volcán – single

The Altons – Going Nowhere – The Altons EP

Twin Seas – Surf Wave – single

Jaime Sin Tierra – Maramota – El Avion Y Se Estrello Y Yo Sigo Volando

**Elastic Bond – Dorada – Honey Bond

**E Arenas – Roda Gigante – Nariz






Tastemakers & Eartshakers Exhibit


Now until Feb. 25, 2027

My contribution to the exhibit included this playlist of a 8 tracks from eastside bands making noise in the 90’s. Hope you take time to check out the show, in the meantime feel free to take a listen.

Opening Reception: October 15, 5-8PM


Tastemakers & Earthshakers: Notes from Los Angeles Youth Culture, 1943 – 2016 is a multimedia exhibition that traverses eight decades of style, art, and music, and presents vignettes that consider youth culture as a social class, distinct issues associated with young people, principles of social organization, and the emergence of subcultural groups. Citing the 1943 Zoot Suit Riots as a seminal moment in the history of Los Angeles youth culture, the exhibition emphasizes a recirculation of shared experiences across time, reflecting recurrent and ongoing struggles and triumphs.

From the G.I. generation to the Millennials, young people from Los Angeles have shaped their identities through aesthetics, ideologies, and diverse forms of expression. The exhibition is not a historical overview, but is instead a presentation of kaleidoscopic group experiences and subcultural genres, emphasizing the creativity, inventiveness and diversity characterizing the World War II/post-war period to the present. Often considered to be outside of mainstream narratives and visual identities, youth culture in Los Angeles intersects with important social movements and countercultural discourse in the post-war era.

Thematic sections include: a look at connections between Los Angeles and British youth cultures and the dialog between the two; pachuco and pachuca culture; criminalization of youth from World War II to the present; generations of youth resistance; the collapse of musical genres with social identities and street fashion; the emergence of social spaces; and a speculative future of tomorrow’s youth. The exhibition includes drawing, installation, painting, photography, printmaking and sculpture, as well as elements from mass media such as television footage, print media, documentary photography, social media, and ephemera. Additionally, it features an installation of pachuco-era men and women’s fashion, and a digital music platform.

Tastemakers & Earthshakers: Notes from Los Angeles Youth Culture, 1943 – 2016 is organized by Pilar Tompkins Rivas, with collaboration from John Carlos de Luna (Barrio Dandy), Lysa Flores, Carribean Fragoza, Ruben Guevara, Colin Gunckel, Romeo Guzman, Jorge Leal, Vincent Ramos, Adrian Rivas, Laleña Vellanoweth, and Mario Ybarra, Jr. The exhibition includes more than forty artists: Richard E. Aaron, Asco, Adriana Avila, Ben Avila, Judy Baca, Janette Beckman, Chaz Bojorquez, Gregory Bojorquez, Juan Capistran, Rafael Cardenas, Carolyn Castaño, Oscar Castillo, Gusmano Cesaretti, Sandra de la Loza, John Carlos de Luna (Barrio Dandy), Karla Diaz, Dino Dinco, Alex Donis, Richard Duardo, Pete Galindo, Harry Gamboa Jr., Alonso Garzon, Ignacio Gomez, Willie Herrón III, Salomón Huerta, Nery G. Lemus, Patrick Martinez, Yvette Mayorga, Jose Montoya, Timothy Norris, Felix Quintana, Vincent Ramos, Guadalupe Rosales, Shizu Saldamando, Humberto Sandoval, Marlene Tafoya, Michael Tafoya, John Valadez, Patssi Valdez, Vincent Valdez, Ricardo Valverde, Arnoldo Vargas, Mario Ybarra Jr. and Andi Xoch. Additional contributors include Carmelo Alvarez, Mike Avelar, Yolanda Comparán Ferrer, Richard Estrada, Lalo Guerrero, Art Laboe, and Sabby Rayas.

I arrived just after 8PM so the doors were ready to close, didn’t get a chance to take any photos, but here are some IG photos others took at the Vince Price Gallery

ILLEGAL intern Radio #66 Oct. 5, 2016

Last week La Cita celebrated 10 years in DTLA with a line up that included Yanga, Quitapenas & La Chamba. If you were out there you know a good time was had by all not to mention all the sweaty bodies moving to the tropical cubia and afro rhythm beats. I also had a chance to enjoy the music I would hear my parents play when my tios and tias would come over and get their drink on. Sure they played Frank Sinatra, Big Bands, and other cocktail sounds of the 60s & 70s, they’d also play Trios, Rancheras & Boleros. The later being what was featured at Plaza de Cultura y Artes with musical guests La Victoria and La Marisol y Los Hermanos Carlos. La Marisol and some of the members playing today are also part of the Grammy nominated La Santa Cecilia.

ILLEGAL intern Radio #66 Oct. 5, 2016

Los Olvidados – Silvestre – el cine

**Ceci Bastide – Un Sueño (feat. Aloe Blacc) – FIFA 17 Soundtrack

**Kinky – Desaparacer – single

**Kuto Quilla –  Jallalla EZLN – Taki Onccoy Inna Di Dub

**Devendra Banhart – Middle Names – Ape In Pink Marble

**Twin Seas – Surf Wave – single

**The Staches – Total Commitment – single

**The Pocket Rockets – Situation – single

Marujah – Ke Pasa – Guerrero

**La Tuya – La Tuya – single

**La Tuya – Salvation (radio edit) – single

Brainstory – Wonderful Why – A Natural Phantasm

The Cumbieros – Cumbia Americano – Cumbia Americano

**ILE – House of Love (Nicola Cruz Remix) – single

La Santa Ceclia – Calaverita – Buenaventura

La Santa Cecilia – La Negra – Noches y Citas

La Santa Cecilia – Strawberry Fields Forever – Somedoay New

Vice Versa – Head – ViseVersa

Making Movies – Deriva – A La Deriva

Los Tigres Del Norte – Somos Mas Americanos (feat. Zach de La Rocha) – youtube

Pastilla – Año Astral – Pastilla

Chamanas – Purple Yellow Red Blue – Once Once

**Belgrado – Delaj – Obraz EP

Chicano Batman – Black Lipstick – single

Thievery Corporation – Só com você (feat. Bebel Gilberto) – single