so these two dudes walk into a warehouse of a public access studio in east los angeles (no not silver lake fool). unbeknownst to them that they were gonna’ spend the next few years how not to do a tv show.

Flavio Morales and Richard Estrada shared more than just an interest of R.E.M. or They Might Be Giants. The community was a part of them and they wanted to try and share it on the air. Family and friends joined them on this romp thru the barrio. Music, poetry, community events, was just a part of what they documented and aired. Raves, Roc en Español, political rallies, short films, art, whatever they could.

Special thanks to many including: Oscar & Efrain Morales, Laura M, Sandra M, Jaime Y, Albert G., Oscar A., Alvaro F., Jesse V, Rick R, Martin A., Yvette, Yvonne, Arturo, Izzy, LXB, Cynthia, Devun, Ramon, Carlos, Alex, Animal, Laffite, Jim, Jorge, Luis, Milo, Edgar, Ruben, Sean, Maria, Emilio, Mark, Gerald, Vicky, James, Fano, Delia, Hugo, Buenavision, World Television, KJLA, LATV, all the promoters, musicians, artists, activists, and especially the taco truck on Indiana & Whittier Blvd for our late night editing sessions back in the mid 90’s.



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