ILLEGAL intern Radio #92 – 04/05/2017

Tons of new music to start the Spring 2017 Quarter. Interview with Marcelo Tijerina of Mexican Dubwiser on their new release Border Frequencies.


Artist – Song – Album or source
**Ohxala – Sambacumbia – SoundCloud
**Little Jesus – Mala Onda – Rio Salvaje
**Mexican Dubwiser – La Gran Cuidad – Border Frequency
**Mexican Dubwiser – Lecture Me (feat. Tito Fuentes & Self Provoked) – Border Frequency
**Mexician Dubwiser – Don Quijote Marijuan (feat. Brujeria & Kinky) – Vive Latino 2017
**Los Macuanos – Soldado Sin Cara – Epilogo
**Quitapenas – La Bestia – 2 song EP
**ViceVersa – Next One
**Quetzal – Critical Time – the eternal getdown (link)
**The Delirians – You Don’t Love Me Like I Do – Mexcla De Musica y Amor
**Dana Gonzales – Peter Gunn – Time To Chill Vol. 1
**Ondatropica – Soy Campesino – Baile Bucanero
**Making Movies – Brave Enough ft. Hurray for the Riff Raff – Soundcloud
**Drinking Flowers – Working After Dark
**Chastity Belt – Caught in a Lie – I Used To Spend So Much Time Alone
Eri Ohno – Sky Fire – Good Question
**The Buttertones – A Tear For Rosie – Gravedigging
Marcos Valle – Wanda Vidal – Sa,ba de Verao
**The Jesus & Mary Chain – All Things Pass – Damage and Joy
Varsity – So Sad, So Sad – Cult of Personality
**Los Kellies – I’m On Fire -I’m On Fire
Black Marble – Frisk – It’s Immaterial
Rufus T. Firefly – Rio Wolf – Magnolia
**Quixosis – El Futurikingue (feat. Renata Nieto) – SoundCloud
Video of The Week”

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