Illegal intern Radio #90 – 3/22/2017

**Thundercat – Show You The Way – Drunk
Ultramarine – Queen of the Moon – United Kingdoms
**Quetzal – Barrio Healer – The Eternal Get Down
Viento Callejero – Arroz Con Coco – Viento Callejero
**Here Lies Man – You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere – Here Lies Man
Brujeria – Pocho Aztlan – Pocho Aztlan
Chencha Berrinches – Matsuri Anne – Hecho En Mexico EP
Maldita Vecindad – Kumbala – El Circo
Viernes 13 – Slow & Low – Thirteen Rules
Chencha Berrinches – Endless Winter – Hecho En Mexico EP
Chencha Berrinches – Juana La Loca – Cada Loco Con Su Tema
Chencha Berrinches – Take Me To Jamaica – Hecho En Mexico
**Downtown Boys – Somos Chulas (No Somos Pendejas) – single
**Balun – Teletransporte – Balun
Sussie 4 – Unfold (Nino Arbol remix) – single
Ariel Pinks Haunted Graffiti – Bright Lit Blue Skies – Before Today
Thundercat, Flying Lotus – Them Changes – Drunk
Soko – Temporary Mood Swings – My Dreams Dictate My Reality
Buscabulla – Caer – Kitsune: Buscabulla EP
The Snails – Coconut Boat – Worth The Wait EP
Girls Names – Bury Me – Dead To Me
Summer Camp – I Want You – Welcome To Condale
Deltatron – Ego Trip – single
LP3 & The Tragedy – Southland Hum – LP3 & The Tragedy
Video of The Week:
Maldita Vecindad – Kumbala – El Circo
In September of this year, Maldita Vecindad’s album “El Circo” will be 25 years old. The album is one of the best Rock albums in my collection. From start to end, I just let it play through.

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