ILLEGAL intern Radio #71/#72

The last couple weeks I’ve been training a couple interns (dj’s taking the KUCI training program). Last week I didn’t get a chance a copy of the tracks played by guest intern, but I was ready this week. With a call in by David Gomez (Discostan, David Comes Alive) sharing his thoughts on the difference between a DJ & a Selecta.

ILLEGAL intern Radio #72 Nov. 16, 2016

**Pa Ja Ma – Radio Girl – France Rocks Vol. 4

Alejandro y Maria Laura – Matrimonio – La Casa No Existe

** Wax Tailor – Worldwide (feat. Ghostface Killah) – France Rocks Vol. 4

Los Saicos – Demolicion – Demolición y Vulgaridad

**A Band Of Bitches – Uh La Lá – Chingadazos Musicales Vol. 2

Todos Tus Muertos – Mate (Instrumental Version) – Subversiones

Todos Tus Muertos – Tu Alma Mía / Adelita – Greatest Hits

Fayuca – Shoot It Up – Barrio Sideshow

Los Violadores – Revolucion Inter – Y Ahora Que Pasa Eh?

Dinasour Jr. – Just Like Heaven – You’re Living All Over Me

Zoe – No Me Destruyas – MTV Unplugged Musica Del Fondo

Café Tacvba – Volver A Comenzar – Sino

Los Angeles Negros – Y Volvere – Antologia 1969-1982

Malo – Suavecito – Malo

Pedrito Fernandez – La De La Mochila Azul – Viva Zapata (vinyl)

Slowrider – Once We Travel Through, Dark and Narrow Paths (feat. Martha Gonzalez) – Nacimiento

Los Prisoneros  – Tren Al Sur – Corazones

Mikel Erentxun – Esta Luz Nunca Se Apagara – YouTube

Seu Jorge – Cirandar (Instrumental) – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Seu Jorge – Carolina – Carolina: Deluxe Edition

Mexican Institute of Sound – Yo La Vi – Compass

Mount Kimble – Made To Stray – Cold Spring Fault Less Youth

Cloud Nothings – Modern Act – Modern Act

Mon Laferte – Si Tú Me Quisieras – Mon Laferte (Vol. 1)


Show #71 November 9, 2016

Had a guest dj so not all the tracks are listed.

**DJ Zesto Q – Selektahs in Punk Palaces – The New Laughing Gas
**Jill Sobule – America Back (Clean Version) – Monster Protest Jamz Vol. 1
Los Saicos – Demolicion
Los Crudos – Crudo Soy – Los Crudos
TJ Grass – Swing del Shamuko
Locos Por Juana – Dance With Me – Carribe
Locos Por Juana – Carribe – Carribe
**Motorama – Hard Times – Dialogues
**Ceci Bastida – No Voy A Regresar (Feat. MIS) – Sueño
**Bahama Soul Club – Casino De Capri – Havana ’58
**Bahama Soul Club – No Words ft. Brenda Brenda Boykin – Havana ‘8
Piñata Protest – Vato Perron (editted) – Piñata Protest
LP3 & The Tragedy – Southland Hum – Southland Hum
Palenke Soultribe – Africa Is The Mother of the Beat – SoundCloud



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