ILLEGAL intern Radio #66 Oct. 5, 2016

Last week La Cita celebrated 10 years in DTLA with a line up that included Yanga, Quitapenas & La Chamba. If you were out there you know a good time was had by all not to mention all the sweaty bodies moving to the tropical cubia and afro rhythm beats. I also had a chance to enjoy the music I would hear my parents play when my tios and tias would come over and get their drink on. Sure they played Frank Sinatra, Big Bands, and other cocktail sounds of the 60s & 70s, they’d also play Trios, Rancheras & Boleros. The later being what was featured at Plaza de Cultura y Artes with musical guests La Victoria and La Marisol y Los Hermanos Carlos. La Marisol and some of the members playing today are also part of the Grammy nominated La Santa Cecilia.

ILLEGAL intern Radio #66 Oct. 5, 2016

Los Olvidados – Silvestre – el cine

**Ceci Bastide – Un Sueño (feat. Aloe Blacc) – FIFA 17 Soundtrack

**Kinky – Desaparacer – single

**Kuto Quilla –  Jallalla EZLN – Taki Onccoy Inna Di Dub

**Devendra Banhart – Middle Names – Ape In Pink Marble

**Twin Seas – Surf Wave – single

**The Staches – Total Commitment – single

**The Pocket Rockets – Situation – single

Marujah – Ke Pasa – Guerrero

**La Tuya – La Tuya – single

**La Tuya – Salvation (radio edit) – single

Brainstory – Wonderful Why – A Natural Phantasm

The Cumbieros – Cumbia Americano – Cumbia Americano

**ILE – House of Love (Nicola Cruz Remix) – single

La Santa Ceclia – Calaverita – Buenaventura

La Santa Cecilia – La Negra – Noches y Citas

La Santa Cecilia – Strawberry Fields Forever – Somedoay New

Vice Versa – Head – ViseVersa

Making Movies – Deriva – A La Deriva

Los Tigres Del Norte – Somos Mas Americanos (feat. Zach de La Rocha) – youtube

Pastilla – Año Astral – Pastilla

Chamanas – Purple Yellow Red Blue – Once Once

**Belgrado – Delaj – Obraz EP

Chicano Batman – Black Lipstick – single

Thievery Corporation – Só com você (feat. Bebel Gilberto) – single


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