ILLEGAL intern Radio #65 – Sept. 28, 2016

Vanessa (La Victoria) and Louis  Perez (LP3 & The Tragedy)

This week featured interviews and drops while over at the Music Tastes Good Fest in Long Beach. Interviews with 2Mex, Rudy de Anda, Vanessa (La Victoria), Louies III  & Ruby Rosas of LP3 & The Tragedy, Dicky of the Ziggens, and a few booths too (JamInTheVan, Zombie Movement Clothing, and Record Collector/Reseller Mike Vega.


**Teenage Fanclub – Hold On – Here

The Blues Experiment – Velcro Man – The Blues Experiment?

Chola Orange – Sauna Murder – Chola Orange

2Mex – Press Your Luck (DJ Nobody) – Youtube

**424 – Las Olas – Siempre Mar

LP3 & The Tragedy – Southland Hum – Southland Hum

Bongoloidz – Electric Ride –

**A Band of Bitches – Uh la la – Chingazos Musicales Vol. 2

Las Cafeteras – It’s Movement Time – It’s Time

Chicano Batman – Itotiani – Chicano Batman

Natalia LaFourcade – Hu Hu Hu (feat. Julieta Venegas) – Soundcloud

**Yanga – El Lobo – single

Quitapenas – Valee Morena – Quitapenas

Carmela y Rafael – Gota A Gota – Carmela y Rafael con La Rondalla Mexicana (vinyl)

**Rudy de Anda – House of Construction – Delay, Cadaver of a Day

Wild Pack of Canaries – Agua Amarga – Wild Pack of Canaries

**Pommez Internacional – Amor Hiero (feat. Denise de Hello Seahorse – Canto Serpiente


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