ILLEGAL intern Radio Playlist #57

August 3rd, 2016

Today’s show was a mix of a few things going on. I just finished watching Stranger Things and loved it. I was inspired to mix in a few classic 80’s songs from movies it was inspired from. I was also fortunate enough to have Ricardo Padilla of the Latino Comics Expo and Cartoonist Jim Lujan call in and share some info. on their work and the upcoming event. Lastly, when I was at the studio on Tuesday night I heard some Chicano Batman and other familiar music coming from one of the studios. I was introduced to one of the station djs in training and invited him to bring in some music. He is starting his vinyl collection with some reggae and classic psych rock produced by Jimi Hendrix. Kid has some good taste.

Flying Lotus – Paper Crane Gang – You’re Dead!

Lemon Jelly – In The Bath – Lemon

Funkaholic – 1 For My Baby – single

**Hello Seahorse – Algún Día (Alicia) el Ganzo Sessions – Algún Día (Alicia) el Ganzo Sessions

**Kinky – Desaparecer (radio edit) – Desaparecer

Moenia – Dejame Entrar – Moenia

Jesse Bulbo – Maldito – Saga Mama

Silverio – Yepa Yepa Yepa – Silverio

**Ave Negra – Adonde Esta el Rocanrol – Jovenes Iracundos

Jackie Mittoo – The Drum Song – Showcase Vol. 5 (vinyl)

The Delirians – I Am The One – Leave This Tower EP (vinyl)

Black Merda! – Cynthy-Ruth – The Psych Funk of Black Merda (vinyl)

The Clash – Should I Stay Or Should I Go (Sega Genisis remix) – SoundCloud

Sparks – Angst In My Pants – Angst In My Pants

Ray Anthony & His Orchestra -The Peter Gunn Theme – Capitol Collectors Series

Jim Lujan Cartoons – Mama I’m A Thug – YouTube

Jim Lujan Cartoons – Let Me Do My Thing To You – YouTube

Joe Hisaishi – Laputa Castle In The Sky Ending Song – Castle in the Sky (Original Soundtrack)

Joe Hisaishi – Flower Garden – Howls Moving Castle Soundtrack

**Gemma – Debajo De Ti –Debajo De Ti

**Fyahboy – Tanto Por Ti – Tanto Por Ti

2Mex – L.A. (Like) – B Boys In Occupied Mexico

**Monoplasma – Siento Lo Que Soy – S.O.S.

Brujeria – Don Quijote Marijuana – Spanglish 101

**BadBadNotGood – Speaking Gently – IV




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