Sat. Sept 12th. 6-8PM

Thanks to Rohan for letting me sub and letting me play whatever I wanted.


Fredo Ortiz & Isaku Kageyama

  Maceo Hernandez
Demon Drummer vs Bongoloidz

  DJ Nomadic


*special thanks to DJ Tom & Nomadic for assisting with the production

Artist – Song – CD or Source

Bongoloidz – Monstro – BongoloidzIsaku Kageyama – Nikate Bushi (Celebration Song) – Hybrid Soul

Technicolor Fabrics – Otono – Ideas

**Hala – Problems – Young Alumni

**Chicano Batman – Black Lipstick – Soundcloud

Wild Pack of Canaries – Agua Amarga – Agua Amarga

**Sego – The Fringe – Long Long Way From The Fringe

Le Butcherettes – Bang – Sin Sin Sin

Los Crudos – Crudo Soy – Los Crudos

Downtown Boys – Wave of History – Full Communism

ViceVersa – Love The Way – Live in Studio

ViceVersa – Feel Yo Body – Live in Studio

ViceVersa – So Fine – Live in Studio

ViceVersa – Head – Live in Studio

**ViceVersa – Core – Da EP Vol. 2

ViceVersa – Funk Your Face (Live Version) – Soundcloud

El Guincho – Bombay – Pop Negro

Bongoloidz – Chill Pill

**A Band of Bitches – Ballando con el Diablo – Bailando con el Diablo

Quitapenas – Me Llevaba – Quitapenas

Boogaloo Assasins – No No No – Old Loves Die Hard

Cibo Mato – Sugar Water – Viva La Woman

Takeshi Terauchi – Kuradabushi (Fukoaka) – Let’s Go Eleki Bushi

**Hyukoh – Comes and Goes – 20

DJ Food – Turtle Soup (Wagon Christ mix) – Refried Food

**Monoplasma – Siento Lo Que Soy – S.O.S.

**El Ten Eleven – Point Breeze – Fast Forward

Maceo Hernandez - Demon Drummer
Maceo Hernandez – Demon Drummer
Isaku Kageyama
Isaku Kageyama
Fredo Ortiz - Bongoloid
Fredo Ortiz – Bongoloid




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