ILLEGAL intern Radio Show #10 – Aug. 19, 2015

Artist – Song – Album/Source

**Soko f. Ariel Pink – Lovetrap – My Dreams Dictate My Reality

Promo Melodic Spectrum

Turbo Fruits – The Way I Want You – No Control

Lisa Germano – Sexy Little Girl – Geek The Girl

The Rentals – Getting By – Seven More Minutes

Irene Diaz – Crazy Love (degruvme remix) – I Love You Madly

**Helado Negro – Young Latin and Proud – Young Latin and Proud

Los Tigres Del Norte f. Zach De La Rocha – Somos Mas Americanos – MTV Unplugged Los Tigres Del Norte & Friends

Bomba Estereo – Fiesta – Amanacer

SlowRider – Fused Together (f. Acid Reign) – Nacimiento

Cuicani – New Day – SoundCloud

Bayu – Pa’gozal – A Bandado Planeta

Almalafa – Mexico Libre – Psicodelic Ska

Nortec Collective (Bostich & Fussible) – Tijuana Sound Machine – Tijuana Sound Machine

The Binary Cumbia Orchestra – La Incomformable – Golazo

**Zoe – Fin De Semana (RAC remix) Programaton Revistado

Mexico68 – Rukus – SoundCloud

Thee Commons – Y Tu – Rock Is Dead: Long Live Paper & Scissors

Thee Commons – Selena Punk – Rock Is Dead: Long Live Paper & Scissors

**Chicano Batman – Black Lipstick – SoundCloud

**L.A. Witch – Get Lost – Get Lost (EP)

Sleater Kinney – Burn Don’t Freeze – Listen Picks vol 1

Tijuana Panthers – Cherry Street – Wayne Interest

**Tijuana Panthers – Set Fourth – Set Fourth (single)

Los Panchos – Sabor A Mi (f. Eydie Gorme) – Los Exitos

Cibo Matto – Sugar Water – Viva La Woman!

**Editors – Life Is A Fear – Life Is A Fear (single)

**Prayers – Love Is The Enemy – Young Gods


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