ILLEGAL intern Radio Show #6 – July 22, 2015


Last week after our KUCI staff meeting, I asked if any of the other DJ’s would be interested in venturing out of Irvine to DTLA to catch some cumbia and other tropical acts. Miguel Ochoa  (Radio El Nopal) & Jesse Cardona (Beat of My Drum) wanted join me but the stars didn’t line up this evening.

Buyepongo is hosting a  sort of residency at La Cita in DTLA on Thursday’s in July and this night featured guests Yanga & Quitapenas (from the Inland Empire) who I have been wanting to see for a minute. I was lucky enough to have a few of the band members give a drop for the show, including Gloria Estrada (no relation) who is in Viento Callejero.

**El Guincho – Mis Hits – Mis Hits
Irene Diaz – Crazy Love (degruvme remix – I Love You Madly
Buyepongo Promo
Buyepongo – Maestros – Maestros (single)
Quitapenas Promo
Quitapenas – Me Llevaba – Quitapenas
Celso Piña – El Tren (feat. Cumbia Man) – Mundo Colombia
Maldita Vecindad – Solin – un gran circo – En Vivo Gira Pata de Perro
Olvarian Psycos interview pt. 1
Entre Mujeres – Chispas – Women Making Music Across Borders
Viento Callejero Promo
Viento Callejero – Tolu – Viento Callejero
Cihuatl-Ce – XX Chrome – Cihuatl-Ce
El Haru Kuroi Promo
El Haru Kuroi – Novo Amor – El Haru Kuroi
Stanford Prison Experiment – You’re The Vulgarian – the gato hunch
**Ratatat – Cream On Chrome – Magnifique
**Pastilla – Pari Pari – Pari (single)
**Mike C the Maitre D – Elizabeat – Today’s Future Sound Compilation
Happy Mondays – Bob’s Yer Uncle (radio edit) – Step On
Swim Deep – Honey – Where The Heaven Are We
Visage – Fade To Grey – Orchestral
La Santa Cecilia – Tainted Love (Soft Cell cover) – El Valor (EP)
**Maribou State – Home – Portraits
**Prayers (feat. Travis Barker) – Love Is The Enemy – Young Gods
**The Brightest Diamond – Ceci Est Ma Mair – I Had Grown Wild (EP)
Downtown Boys – Monstro – Full Communism
Systema Solar – Mi Kolombia – Systema Solar
Systema Solar
Systema Solar

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