ILLEGAL intern Radio – Show #4 July 8th, 2015

 Getting ready for the show is no joke. Even if I’m not a real fan of sleep, double checking the playlist and songs making sure I’ve edited out anything not ready for air. As I knew I’d have King Steady Beat come through and spin some of his 45’s I still needed to make sure I had a few extra tracks as many songs were only 2:30-3:00 minutes long.
**Ratatat – Cream On Chrome – Magnifique
Promo Cayucas (audio)
Cayucas – Moony Eyed Walrus – Dancing At The Blue Lagoon
Slow Magic – Hold Still – How They Run Away (SoundCloud)
Sales – Chinese New Year – Sales (EP) (SoundCloud)
The Allentons – Trenchtown (instrumental) – Boulevard (music bed)(FB)
**Jenny Hvai – The Battle Is Over (edited) – Apocalypse Girl (video)
**Nai Harvest – Sick On My Heart – Hold Open Head (video)
At The Drive-In – One Armed Scissor – Relationship of Command (video)
Halosol – Sweeping Door – Toltecnica Radical (music bed) (Amazon)
The Bronx – Los Angeles (edited X cover) – The Bronx (youtube)
Mariachi El Bronx – New Beat – Mariachi El Bronx (SoundCloud)
Abstrakto – Mucho Ruido – Abstrakto (website)
King Steady Beat
King Steady Beat
Interview w/ King Steady Beat (
Mentu Buru – Mensaje Para Voz – (45RPM single)Steady Beat Recordings (FB)
**The Steady 45 – Mama Said – (45RPM single)Steady Beat Recordings (website)
The Blue Beat Makers – You’ve Been So Nice – (45RPM single)Steady Beat Recordings (El Salvador) (youtube)
Interview pt. 2 King Steady Beat
Joey Pastrana – My Victrola – (45RPM single)Steady Beat Recordings (youtube)
Mongo Santamaria – Corn Bread Guajira – (45RPM single)Battle (youtube)
Georgie Fame – Sitting In The Park – (45RPM single) Columbia Records
Very Be Careful – El Camionero – Nacas (SoundCloud)
Bongoloidz – Electric Ride – Bongoloidz (Bandcamp)
Los Dinamicos del Ritmo – El Platanito – (45RPM single) (youtube)
Interview pt. 3 King Steady Beat
Lisandro Mesa – La Murga – (45RPM single) Fuentes (youtube)
Buyepongo – Maestros – Soul Fiesta (video)
Systema Solar – Mi Kolombia – Systema Solar (SoundCloud)
El Gran Silencio – Chuntaro Style – Seria Verde (video)
Lila Downs – La Patria Madrina (feat. Juanes) – Balas y Chocolate
**Hello Seahorse – Animal – single (video)
Soda Stereo – Ella Uso Mi Cabeza Como Un Revolver – Sueno Stereo (video)
London Grammar – Hey Now (Bonobo remix) – Hey Now (EP) (youtube)
REQUEST LINE: (949)824-5824

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