ILLEGAL intern Radio Show #3 – July 1st 2015

Links to songs, videos, or bios…. click away


** indicates it’s a new release

IITeatro Degil Orrori – E Colpa Mia – A Sangue Freddo (Video)
Technicolor Fabrics – Otoño – Ideas (Song)
Mahmed – Outros valores alem do frenesi – Sobre A Vida Em Comunidade (Soundcloud)
Aphex Twin – 4 – Richard D. James (music bed) (Video)
Mongosaurio – Me Gustan Los Hipsters – Mongosaurio (Soundcloud)
La Portuaria – Supermambo – huija (Video)
Systema Solar – Mi Kolobia – Systema Solar (Video)
Los Straitjackets – Crime Scene – Jet Set (Oaxaca, Mexico) (from Conan O’Brien Show)
Takeshi Terauchi – Kuradashi (Fukuoka) – Let’s Go Eleki Bushi (Japan)(itunes)
**Messer Chups – Ghost Party – The Incedible Crocotiger (Russia) (iTunes)
Johnny Thunders – Pipeline (Live At The Marque) – So Alone (Video @The Roxy)
Aztlan Underground – Obsolete Man – Sub-Verses (unofficial Video)
**Prayers (feat. Travis Barker) – Love Is The Enemy – Young Gods (Song)
Chicano Batman – Cycles of Existential Rhyme – Cycles of Existential Rhyme (Video)
Ozomatli – O Le Le – Give It To The F*ckin’ DJ (vinyl) (unofficial Video)
Yeska – Greyhound To Chiapas – Puro Eskanol vol. 1 (discography)
**Hello Seahorse – Animal – single (Video)
Saen – Dark Sky – Soundcloud (Soundcloud)
Thievery Corporation – Tower Seven – Culture of Fear (Soundcloud)
**Quantic presents The Western Transplant – Creation (East L.A.) – A New Constellation (Bandcamp)
Le Butcherettes – Demon Stuck In Your Eye – Cry Is For The Flies (Video)
Girlpool – Before The World Was Big – Ideal World (Official Audio)
**L.A. Witch – Kill My Baby Tonight – single (Soundcloud)
**Bomba Estereo – Somos Dos – Amanecer (Official Audio)
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Simolo – La Alianza Profana (Video)
Joe Arroyo – Rebellion (degruveme remix) –  Soundcloud
Degruveme – Patuleco –  Soundcloud
Jesse Ware f/ Wild Beasts – Night Light (Wild Beasts remix) – Soundcloud
The Wayo – Skat – Wanderings EP (

Next Week Special Guest: DJ KING STEADY BEAT


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