June 17th, 2015 – ILLEGAL intern Radio Show #1 (yeah, it’s official)

Summer 2015

I have listened to college radio forever, that’s real. When I’m not playing songs I find on Spotify, Soundcloud, or BIRP! I tune in to the local college and public stations, KXLU Loyola Marymount, KSPC in the Claremont, 90.7FM KPFK, etc. One day in March I caught one of the DJs on KUCI mentioning internships coming up for community members. So after an 8 week course, volunteer time, some testing, a demo and a background check (maybe). I have a summer morning slot on Wednesdays from 6AM-8AM.

First Official Show on KUCI 88.9FM in Irvine
Streaming on www.kuci.org and an app is available too.


Carla Morrison – Eres Tu – Dejanme Llorar
Las Cafeteria – Trabajador Trabajadora – It’s Time
Las Quince Letras – Rigo Tovar – Ya era tiempo
Entre Mujeres – Chocolate – Women Making Music
Quetzal – Chicana Skies – Barrios Artistas vol. 1
**Mexrrissey – Everyday Is Like Sunday – Soundcloud
Lysa Flores – Arizona Winds – Barrios Artistas vol 1
music bed: Todos Tus Muertos – Mate (instrumental)
Chicano Batman – Itotiani – Chicano Batman
Making Movies – Chasing Your Tail – A La Deriva
Viento Callejero – La Burrita – Viento Callejero
2Mex Promo
Quinto Sol – Freedom Fighter – Sociedad Suciedad
music bed: Kid Sister – Control
Las Cafeteras – Luna Lovers – It’s Time
**Bomba Estereo – Somos Dos – Amanacer
Quitapenas – Quitapenas – self titled album
Volumen Cero – Lovesong – Tributo a The Cure
music bed: Pomo – Cloud Cruise
Mexican Institute of Sound – Cumbia – Soy Sauce
Delirians – Hot Plate – Get Up!

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